A reprint of the British 1926 manual on ammunition. Reprinted in the same order as the original with all plates in their proper place. Essential for all ammunition specialists, it covers the interim period between the wars until the 1936 edition was published (see our notes for the 1936 version).

This is a complete reprint of the handbook with all its illustrations in the same place as in the original. A description of all ordnance on issue to the British Army in 1936, with many illustrations, some of them in full colour. A companion to our other reprints of ammunition handbooks.

Artillerymen regard the shell as the weapon, the gun as merely the means of getting it to the target. This book is all about shells - from 20mm to 240mm. It looks at every type of shell within each calibre, and is comprehensively illustrated with section drawings of these shells, many of which are in colour. If you want to know what American gunners were firing at the enemy, and the real detail to boot, then this is the book for you! A very valuable adition to any military library and a very detailed reference textbook.

Part I of two volumes in the US listing of all ordnance in use by United States forces during World War II - from shells, mines, bombs and fuses to rockets and other munitions. Each item is described in detail with its use, and illustrated with either a photograph or line drawing. Many diagrams are sectioned drawings of the item. This volume forms part of a series being reprinted by MLRS which will cover the ordanance and muinitins of all major nations in the Second World War.

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