This was one of the first attempts to list the German Army components and personnel of the Second World War.It is extremely rare, and was never completed.However what is contained in the many pages of the text is a good introduction to the organisation and battle orders of the components of the German Army and the Waffen SS, together with an extensive listing of German Generals. Tessin, which appeared much later and at a much higher price complete is nearer to perfection, but this particular publication will serve all historians as a good guide to the German Army and it covers the whole structure from top to bottom. A very good addition to any library relating to its subject.Highly recommended.

This is the well-known, comprehensive study undertaken by Col Joslin, which covers the main body of the British Army throughout the Second World War. It also includes special OrBats for El Alamein and the D-Day assault in Normandy. Its value to every student of World War Two is inestimable.The volumes will be published as one volume, containing the original two volumes as follows:Volume I:DivisionsComposition and War Establishment of DivisionsArmoured, Cavalry, Tank and Motor Machine Gun BrigadesVolume II:Infantry BrigadesParachute and Airlanding BrigadesColonial BrigadesMiscellaneous Brigades (including Special Forces)GHQ., Army Group, Army and Corps TroopsBritish Units which served under Indian Army CommandFormations and Units engaged in the Battle of El Alamein and The Assault Landings in Normandy.

This is a detailed description of the Japanese Army as it was in early 1944. It includes a rank table, the tactical organisation of units and formations from Army to Battalion. It is a very good companion to any studies of Japanese army operations during the period.

Order of battle of the German army in August 1939, just before the invasion of Poland. Includes Army Commands, Corps and Divisions. Within Divisions goes down to battalion level and includes rear area commands. Officers commanding are included at all levels. 68 pages.

The replacement system operated by the German Army tried to ensure that reinforcements were not only trained for their role in battle, but had geographical commonality with the units they were going to. Thus men from Prussia were not usually sent to divisions or regiments raised in Bavaria. This study is a comprehensive and detailed look at the system, how it worked, and where it was based. Of importance to all students of the German Army, and should be read in conjunction with TME 30-451 Handbook of German Armed Forces (also reprinted by MLRS).

The Waffen-SS: an organisational and operational history 1933-1945. This reference text contains details of all Waffen-SS units and formations that saw service in the period 1933-1945. It goes down to battalion level, and includes officers commanding. Also included are the earlier formations and units which later became the notorious SS divisions that earned such an awesome reputation as fighting forces in the Second World War. Complete with contemporary intelligence reports and organisations of Waffen SS Armies and Corps, this is the first complete record of these troops in English. Available also as a CD Rom with the same contents, but searchable in Adobe Acrobat. Same price.

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