This is the companion volume to our reprint of the German-English Military Dictionary, and covers a wealth of military terms as well as having a short but valuable appendix of German military abbreviations.

A simply first class dictionary of military Italian.

A French military dictionary issued just after D-Day, there are over 18,000 entries of technical terms, military meanings, orders and commands. Complete with a glossary of French military abbreviations.

This is a comprehensive military dictionary compiled for intelligence and security officers operating with second echelon troops during and after the invasion of Normandy in 1944. It includes army, naval and air terminology as well as ballistics, rocketry and weapons and equipment terms. Also includes ranks including the SS as well as unit and formation terms. In all there are some 15,000 words and phrases translated in this exceptionally handy book. It is essential for everyone whether or not using German texts as well as in translating German terms often scattered about in English texts without translations. Also see our reprint of German Military Symbols and German Military Abbreviations.

The German military symbols system was a superb method of indicating on maps and in publications what a unit was, and what its component parts were. Other books in English have attempted to show how the system worked, and what the symbols were, but none can compare with the sheer detail and comprehensive nature of this intelligence manual published jointly by American and British Intelligence in 1944. Every level of formations is covered, and every arm and service. Naturally German Army symbols predominate, but the Luftwaffe and the German Navy are also included. This reference text should be on the shelf of every military historian who is involved or interested in the German Forces during World War Two.

The 1943 edition of German Military Terms and Abbreviations was an extended version of the 1939 publication, "enriched by a number of new words...many of them of recent origin." It is complementary to our other military dictionaries, and has, as a bonus, an extended list of abbreviations which is of great help in understanding German documents and maps.

A manual of french for troops designed to further basic school education in the language. The book concentrates on teaching military french in an everyday context and is valuable to all who need or want to know the form of the language in 1944 in a military context.

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