The research question of this thesis was to explore exactly how the Reichsheer leaders transformed their warfighting doctrine. This thesis also looks closely at the underlying organizational philosophy, and how the philosophy guided the Reichsheer leadership cadre in affecting change within the organization. Reichsheer doctrinal manuals, directives and contemporary journal articles, supplemented with American observer reports, served as primary source material for the thesis. The thesis will clearly link the importance of a leader creating and articulating an envisioned end state in successfully effecting change within a military organization. 

Another of the famous “Red Books,” this deals with the often vexing problem of moving men, stores and supplies to and in the battle area. It covers all the British campaigns in the Second World War including Iraq, Persia, North Africa, North West Europe, India, Ceylon, Burma and the Far East. Reading the book shows that what could be boring is in fact fascinating, and the book is highly recommended.

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