Anzio - the German War Diaries 3rd Edition

The Allied invasion at Anzio was intended to open up the stalemated Italian front and lead to a rapid drive on Rome. The German High Command was hampered by the surrender of Italy in September 1943, and Field Marshals Kesselring and Rommel had to decide where to make their main line of resistance. Kesselring took overall command in Italy in November 1943. Allied landings at Salerno began well, but became bogged down; the landing at Anzio was intended to solve this logjam. The accounts of the action from January to May 1944 are taken from the War Diaries of the German 10th and 14th Armies. There is a day-to-day account of the German operations, including many comments on the British and US troops involved. Complete with Orders of Battle, this is a singular document which completes the picture of this battle. With six A2 maps from the original edition of the paper.

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  • US forces in Italy
  • 2005
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