A complete and very detailed description of the US 75mm Pack Howitzer including the US parachutable containers into which it could be packed. The gun was meant to be air-dropped or glider landed as well as field towed, and was a very effective short to medium range support weapon. This pamphlet gives all the details.

This gun started life as a French weapon, but was taken on and developed by the United States Army. It was still in service in the Second World War fitted to half-tracked wepaons carriers. This pamphlet contains a complete description of the weapon, its ammunition, sighting and fire-control equipment.

This reprint is for the 90mm gun which was issued in late 1944, fitted to an open turret tank for field artillery support. The manual covers all aspects of the weapon and its components, together with good illustrations of the carriage for it, the Gun Motor Carriage T71 - the M36.

The US Army had so many vehicles and vehicle types that without this manual it would have been difficult even in 1943 to know exactly what each one was, and what it was intended for. The manual covers everything from motor cycles to tanks, and every variation of those plus trucks, cars, tank transporters and others. Each vehicle has a two-page spread with a photograph, dimension drawings and details of the vehicles performance. Ideal for vehicle historians, war gamers, all those interested in vehicles (wheeled and tracked) and as a handy reference book for all those occasionally needing to know details of how the US Army moved during the Second World War. Very few additional vehicles appeared after the publication of this important manual.

A complete description of this self-propelled 105-mm including the vehicle, the turret, armament and shell, together with maintenance schedules and stowage diagrams. Profusely illustrated with clear, detailed line drawings.

This is the user handbook for the Centurion Mark 3 tank, armed with a 20-pounder gun. It is complete with a wealth of detail and some extremely well drawn illustrations, giving a complete picture of the tank which was a development of the well-liked Comet of the latter part of the Second World War. The tank operated well in the Korean War (1950-1953). With over 70 line drawings of every possible detail of the vehicle.

The user handbook for the Conqueror Marks 1 and 2, containing every detail about the tank. This tank was the last "heavy" tank issued to the British Army, continuing the tradition of providing different classes of main battle tank. This was the anti-tank tank, but the gun was soon to be redesigned and fitted into the first true MBT - Chieftain.

This is the Service Instruction book for the 2-pounder Valentines Marks IV and V, which fought in the North African campaign. The book covers all aspects of the vehicle including the armament and shell used. Superbly illustrated with line drawings, cutaways, photographs and a set of 11 plates including the layout of the driver's compartment. See also our other Valentine reprints.

This is another in our reprinted series of Service Handbook on World War II tanks - and covers every aspect of the tank from track to turret, including main and secondary armament. Little can be said of these handbooks except that they were issued to the troops who were to fight these vehicles, and so they had to be first class in every respect - which they are. Illustrations abound including colour thematic diagrams and six A3 diagrams of suspension and electrical details.

The Vickers Gas Operated machine gun was a hybrid - it was a vehicle mounted version of the famous Vickers gun (and mounted in pairs on tanks for anti-aircraft protection) but was air cooled and drum fed. This small pamphlet is the only one issued on the gun. Complete with gun illustration.

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