This is the complete operating manual for the CCKW 352 and 352 6x6 trucks made by GMC. If you own one you need this, and if you are planning to buy one you need it just as much!

The US Army had so many vehicles and vehicle types that without this manual it would have been difficult even in 1943 to know exactly what each one was, and what it was intended for. The manual covers everything from motor cycles to tanks, and every variation of those plus trucks, cars, tank transporters and others. Each vehicle has a two-page spread with a photograph, dimension drawings and details of the vehicles performance. Ideal for vehicle historians, war gamers, all those interested in vehicles (wheeled and tracked) and as a handy reference book for all those occasionally needing to know details of how the US Army moved during the Second World War. Very few additional vehicles appeared after the publication of this important manual.

The Ferret armoured car in all its forms is described in this user handbook. Essential for Ferret owners and those who need to know about the vehicle and its technical details.

The United States love of multi-purpose vehicles was never better exemplified by a single military vehicle. The Jeep was described as a 'quarter-ton truck' but became the battle taxi for the Allies. Many are still in use, in their original form and modified. This reprint is of the 1944 manual on the Willys and Ford Jeeps.

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