The official report of the Air and Administrative Organisation of 2 TAF. The report incorporates the lessons learned during the war. A valuable addition to the two volumes on air support already reprinted by MLRS Books.

This is a detailed report published after the Second World War on the supply system used by the Germans for the German Air Force. It covers all levels of command and all aspects of the German methods of supply including manufacturing, movement, field installations, transport and repair and salvage. There are also two chapters on the campaign in the Ukraine and identification of equipment.

A very detailed monograph on operations carried out by the US Army Air Force during the Italian Campaign up to the end of 1943.The title covers the planning for the invasion of Italy, Operations BAYTOWN and AVALANCHE, and a detailed narrative covering all air operations from the invasion through to the end of 1943. The text includes both strategic and tactical air operations, and is a companion to the AHB narratives covering RAF operations in Italy.Luftwaffe and Italian Air Force accounts will be published when processing is complete. 

This paper is one of the US Air Historical Branch series, written by senior German Officers after the war, and is probably the only English language analysis in depth of how the Germans saw the Allied air war and its strategy. It covers all important aspects of the air war waged by the British and American Air Forces against the Germans as well as looking at the overall strategy and the Air Forces involved. It also looks at such matters as the problems of fighter escorts for the bombers, as well as the bomber operations and the targets they were attacking. The first half of the paper covers operations by the Royal Air force, the second those of the USAAF. A rare find which is recommended to all historians in that it presents a picture of this aspect of warfare not seen elsewhere.

This is the official USAAF manual on armament for the B-24 and is replete with every possible detail about the bombing equipment and the defensive armament. It covers in great detail the turrets including the Martin turret. Colour pages contain graphic warnings of the consequences of failing to apply the rules! A dream book for any aircraft enthusiast.

In German. The operation manual for the Junkers 87 R-2 dive bomber tropical version, as seen in North Africa. Fully illustrated.

This is a reprint of the original, offical Luftwaffe handbook (L.Dv. 553/4) on the Dornier Do-17 bomber. It is in German, but for non-German speakers there are so many photographs and drawings that the book will inspire learning the language! It is a remarkable handbook, covering every aspect of the aircraft, with detailed descriptions and line drawings of every part of the aircraft. This manual will be joined soon by many others, both English and German, and detailing Allied and German aircraft - ideal for aircraft historians and modellers.

This flight manual is a perfect example of the detail and illustrative skills of the Americans in the Second World War. Every item of the aircraft is described in full, the illustrations are simply superb, and the colour plates warn of the results of errors. An exciting book, of value to aircraft enthusiasts, historians and even ilustrators.

This is a reprint of the official German service manual for the Fw 190 A 1-8 range of aircraft. It covers all basic aspects of the aircraft including the fighter bomber versions. This is one of a series of German aircraft manuals being reprinted by MLRS thanks to cooperation with aircraft manual collectors in New Zealand and elsewhere. Further manuals on the Fw 190 and other German aircraft will be published. [Text in German]

This is the first history of German air defence published in English, and was written by Major-General Grabmann, who was in the Luftwaffe throughout the period. It details the creation of the Luftwaffe, and the various branches of the German air defence system, including Flak, night fighters, and the air raid protection service. This story will be continued in later publications.

This is the complete story of air lift operations carried out by the Luftwaffe during the Second World War. It includes the organisation, tasks, personnel and aircraft of the Luftwaffe transport arm, and a listing of the types of operation they were called upon to complete, in all the theatres of war in which German air and land forces were engaged. Paratroop operations are included in a complete description of an essential air service in war. Coverage of operations in the east is particularly detailed including Stalingrad, the Kuban bridgehead, Demyansk and Kholm, and theCherkassy-Korsun and Crimea operations. In the west and the Mediterranean the detail is equally valuable. Although a mundane sounding subject, this volume in the Air War series is actually full of valuable extra detail not present in other publications, and is well worth the price.

This fascinating monograph covers German Air Force support operations for the German Army from the formative period before the war (and the lessons of World War I) through to a detailed account of the forms such support took - reconnaissance, air combat and battlefield interdiction.
This is a textbook on the subject which lends itself readily to present day operations where ground support for land operations is fundamental to success in areas such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

This is the story of the Luftwaffe in the campaign in Belgium and France 1940, and the first confrontation with the French and British Air Forces. A detailed description of German air operations asgainst air and ground targets with much detail of air support for army operations. A valuable extra to clarify the campaign in the west even further.

This is the German story of the invasion of Crete in 1941, with details of the air drops carried out as well as air interdiction sorties and all other air operations during this remarkable feat of arms. Not to be missed and well worth combining with our publication on the land battle from Cabinet Papers (see Crete 1940-1941 in Research Papers) and Operation Mercury (also in Research Papers)

The Bf/Me 109 was the fighter that took on the RAF in the early part of the war, and this is the manual for a very early version - the Bf/Me 109B - one of the first production models. Every detail of the aircraft is covered, and even with no German much is understandable. Fully illustrated with many drawings of all internal fittings, plus many performance charts and other fascinating data. Originals of this pamphlet are extremely rare.

This is a complete accout of the training methods used by the Germans for Aircrew from the end of the First World War to 1945. It starts with a brief resum? of the conditions imposed on German air forces by the Versailles Treaty and the attempts to circumvent the restrictions. It then turns to the evolution of the Luftwaffe and how training developed and covers the whole period through to the end of the Second World War. It is a simply fascinating account for anyone interested in the Luftwaffe and how it put such an effective air force into battle.

The training manual issued to all new C-47 (Dakota) pilots, the book covers everything needed to be known about this famous aircraft and its role as the basic transport for men and material throughout the second half of the Second World War. C-47s were everywhere, and still fly today, and their part in winning the war for the Allies cannot be underestimated. This book is important for all students of air transport, airborne operations and just famous aircraft.

The RAF Pocket Book issued in 1937, and amended to 1939, is in many ways the RAF equivalent of Staff Duties in the Field, issued to ground forces. It covers administration, discipline and signals. Of particular importance to airmen it also deals with air navigation, meteorology, airmanship and many other important topics, including liaison with the Navy and the Army. It also covers explosives and weapons in 17 chapters which give a very detailed picture of how the RAF thought and worked in the years leading up to the Second World War. A rare find, this book is recommended to everyone.

The importance of this report is twofold: firstly it covers the strategic/operational bombing effort in the important period before and during operations to recapture France and the Low Countries and secondly it classifies attacks by target type. Thus the targets covered include ball and other bearings, oil, submarine yards, tanks, armaments and transportation. It also includes both the USAAAF and RAF efforts. Attacks are dated, and the data includes place, importance, and damage done.Although obviously based to an extent on crew reports, all targets were photographed before, during and after the attack so it appears that the damage assessments are not too wide of the mark. 

This is an account of tactical air operations carried out by the US 8 Air Force from D-Day to the end of the war in Europe. It relates what was done to support the ground operations on D-Day itself, and immediately thereafter. It then follows the campaign inland. It also covers general air operations, supply drops and operations against the V-bomb offensive, Operation Crossbow. Further details include attacks on radar installations, coastal batteries, air-sea rescue and leaflet drops. The appendices are detailed and give a statistical picture of Crossbow operations and anti-German Airfield attacks. A valuable addition to the land warfare papers on D-Day and subsequent operations already published by MLRS Books.

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