This wonderful manual covers the famous DUKW amphibious truck, issued by most Allied forces during the Second World War, and used particularly in river crossing operations (such as the Seine and Rhine) as well as in flooded areas. It was a workhorse particularly liked by both users and those who planned its use, being able to transport men and equipment across water barriers long before replacement bridges could be built, allowing river crossing operations more freedom than ever before. The manual covers all types of this multi-role load carrier and every technical aspect of using and maintaining the vehicle. Profusely illustrated with many photographs and some really valuable line drawings.

Operating and maintenance instructions for this vehicle. Complete with all illustrations. Ideal for the collector or the vehicle enthusiast.

The AEC Mark III was armed with a 75mm gun, and was a powerful reconnaissance vehicle. This manual was the official service handbook for the armoured car, and has every detail on the vehicle. There are three A3 diagrams showing the externel view, lubrication and electrical layout. A must for any armoured car/armoured vehicle specialist. Fully illustrated within the text with some 150 line drawings and sectional views.

Very similar to the British Humber Mk.IV, the Fox was manufactured by General Motors of Canada. It was armed with a .50 and .30 cal machine gun in a hand-cranked turret. It saw limited duty in the Italian theatre, reconnaissance and escort units in northern Europe opted for M3A3 Stuarts, as well as Staghound and Daimler armoured cars. 1506 Foxes were manufactured in total. This manual covers every detail of the vehicle, and includes stowage diagrams.

The Daimler Armoured Car was one of the most elegant armoured cars ever to grace the battlefield, and its performance was quite respectable at 40mph maximum speed and a range of 200 miles. This pamphlet explains all the details of the vehicle and includes many line drawings to illustrate and clarify the text. See also the MLRS reprint of the armament pamphlet fior this vehcile. 48 line drawings.

This manual is possibly unique - it is a collection of data sheets on wheeled vehicles in service with the British Army at the end of the war and up to 1947/48. Every wheeled vehcile (including armoured cars) has its data recorded and in most cases there is a line drawing to illustrate the vehicle as well. The amount of information in the collection is not to be found in any other publication, and many of the drawings are of good quality. The publication shows the enormous number of vehicles needed to keep an army moving and fighting, and is highly recommended.

The driver’s handbook for the Bedford 15-cwt MW series trucks - the MWC water tanker, the MWD general service truck and the MWR wireless truck. Includes maintenance tasks. Fully illustrated.

The Fox CVR(W) or Combat Vehicle, Reconnaissance (Wheeled) had a short service life but the manual gives details of the vehicle with many illustrations. Ideal for those wishing to follow the development of the armoured car in British service, and, of course, for Fox owners.

The US Half-Track maintenance manual covers the Personnel Carrier M5, Car M9A1, multiple gun motor carriage M14 and similar IHC vehicles. It has details of every aspect of the maintenance of these vehicles and is profusely illustrated.

The Service Instruction Book for the Humber Mark IV armoured car covers every technical aspect of the vehicle including armament and ammunition. It is the ideal book for anyone wanting the real details of the vehicle.

This is the Service Instruction Book for the Mark I Humber Scout Car, armed with a Bren gun on a top mounting. It was designed to be a fast scout vehicle with sufficient armour to protect the crew from small arms fire. The volume hads 33 line drawings and two photographs, and is a complete description of the vehicle and its operation.

This manual covers both the M8 light armoured car and the M20 armoured utility vehicle - built on the same chassis. The reprint is of the complete manual and is fully illustrated. Ideal for owners as well as those interested in American armoured cars.

A reprint of the Ford Motor Company's manual on WOT 6 and WOT 8 lorries. With an abundance of illustrations (over 300) including many photographs, this is essential for anyone owning these vehicles or for those just plain interested in trucks.

The manual covers the Bedford QL model 3-ton 4x4 trucks, and includes the QL anti-tank portée, the QLB light antiaircraft tractor, the QLC troop carrier, the QLD general service lorry, the QLR wireless lorry and the QLT troop carrier. With a complete description of these lorries and their parts. Fully illustrated and with circuit diagrams.

Saladin was an armoured car with a difference, because it was fitted with an effective anti-personnel gun - the 76mm. This armament pamphlet describes in  detail that gun as well as the .30 L3A3 machine gun and all ammunition issued to the vehicle. It is a typically comprehensive manual which is amply illustrated with fine line drawings of the equipment it describes.

A detailed and illustrated description of the Browning M1919A4 machine gun and the L3A1, plus turret details for Saracen and Ferret.

Saracen was an effective armoured personnel carrier, limited only the the fact that it was wheeled rather than tracked. It served well in urban and rural areas. The manual covers Marks I to VI and the increases in armour. Illustrated with photographs and plan drawings as well as excellent schematics. Also includes stowage diagrams.

The American duplex drive cargo carrier was to be seen everywhere on every front the western allies fought - from North Africa all the way through to the Rhine Crossings. This manual is for the user, and compliments our other publication, the Technical Manual on the same vehicle. The manual calrifies how the DUKW  was intended to be used, and how to operate the vehicle.

The medium armoured car T17E1 was adopted as the Staghound by Commonwealth forces. Originally developed for work in the desert, it had its problems in the more restrictive environment on the European mainland. This is the operators manual and is a complete description of the vehicle, its armament and ammunition. With many photographs and line drawings.

The Volkswagen was originally advertised in Hitler's Germany as the car for everyone: all the Germans had to do was pay for it in advance, and then wait for delivery. In fact deliveries were made to the Armed Forces, and the German civilians were left with their bicycles and feet: only the very well off could afford the Mercedes and Auto-Unions of that time. This technical manual is a complete description of the VW, and is well illustrated.

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