The .300 Vickers Medium Machine Gun was chambered to fire the US .300 '06 rimless cartridge and was made in the United States. It was issued to the British Home Guard as .303 Vickers were in short supply at the beginning of the war. This is a handy reference manual which also makes comparison between the two guns possible.

The two inch mortar: a standard weapon of the British infantry platoon for many years. These two pamphlets cover it from the start of the Second World War to 1959, and show how the weapon developed. There are many photographs and line drawings of equipment and handling, and ammunition is shown in detail as well. In addition are details of the US version of the ammunition.

Two pamphlets giving detailed descriptions of the Polsten, Oerlikon and Hispano 20mm guns in land service. The first pamphlet covers the equipment and gun drills, the second 20mm ammunition available, including packing. Accompanied by three colour fold-out ammunition charts.

This publication consists of two pamphlets on the British 4.2-in Mortar - the basic training manual (1943) which includes the training and use of the mortar, and the detailed handbook (1944) on the weapon, which includes details of the mortar, sighting equipment and, most importantly, the mortar bombs. Well illustrated and full of the detail needed to understand how it was used and what it could do.

A complete description with all the needed drawings and photographs of the M6 75mm gun and ammunition as fitted to the Light Tank M24.

This publication consists of four pamphlets issued between 1942 and 1944, covering Allied and Axis armoured fighting vehicles. Every tank or armoured vehicle that saw service is mentioned, and line drawings and photographs build up an in-depth picture of AFVs of all nations throughout the war. The four pamphlets are sometimes difficult to get hold of as a set, which is the reason for publishing them as one volume. Not to be missed by armour devotees as some of the AFVs are rarely covered at all in other publications.

An early pamphlet on British anti-tank mines with instructions on laying and minefield layout.

A reprint of the official handbook for the armament fitted to the Centurion Mark III Main Battle Tank. It includes 71 illustrations of the 20-pounder main armament, the 7.92mm BESA machine gun and the 2-in Bomb Thrower. This pamphlet compliments our reprint of the User Handbook for the same tank. Includes full details of 20-pr shell for the gun.

The Daimler Armoured Car Marks I and II were armed with the trusty old standby, the 2-pounder antitank gun. However the gun and its ammunition had been upgraded and this pamphlet gives full details of this (including the Littlejohn squeeze-bore adapter) and of the ammunition used in the conventional and adapted weapon. Also includes details of the BESA 7.92mm machine gun, mounted coaxially with the main gun. Fully illustrated with line drawings. See also the MLRS reprint of the Daimler Armoured Car users pamphlet.

The issue manual on the 120mm gun (L1A1 and L1A2) fitted to the Conqueror MBT. Covers the weapon, aiming systems and ammunition. A facsimile of the original pamphlet issued to tank commanders and gunners in the tank in 1957. With good quality line drawings of all equipment described.

Artillery in the Desert covers Allied and Axis guns throughout the North African campaign, including field artillery and anti-tank guns. Of great value, includes a number of good illustrative line drawings and photographs, plus tables. A good basic book.

A good description of the Italian Autoblinda 40 armoured car. Much detail and good illustrations. First of a series of School of tank technology reports on Italian armour.

A complete description of the BESA 7.92mm machine gun as fitted to many British AFVs. Includes all appendices and plates.

This pamphlet was issued for instruction of infantry in the handling and tactical use of the 6-pounder, the first upgrading in British infantry antitank weapons since the beginning of World War II. It deals with all aspects of the gun itself, together with details of all the various components, gun drill, aiming and battle drills. It is a rare find, and is of importance to all those interested in antitank artillery. This will soon be complemented by the handbook on the british 17-pounder antitank gun (2006 publication). Includes five oversized foldouts - 4 photographs of the gun including the small arms fire shield, and one lubrication diagram.)

The Browning Automatic Rifle saw service in both World Wars, and although it had a limited firepower (due to the box magazine feed) it was a versatile and useful weapon. This is one of the last pamphlets issued on the weapon, and is a complete description of the weapon and its use.

The Browning .30-cal was a weapon used by many troops in the Second World War, and was free-standing as well as vehicle mounted. This manual covers the vehicle mounted versions including wheeled, half-track and tank mounted weapons.

This is the first ever instruction manual on what soon became known as the Bren carrier. It is complete with alll appendices and foldout diagrams, and goes well with our earlier publication on the Universal Carrier. A rare bird in the collection field, we are very pleased to be able to reprint an original copy.

A description of the chemical warfare units of the British Army and their organisation, employment and training at the start of the Second World War. The publication also includes four other pamphlets in the same series dealing with the projector, the bulk contamination vehicle, the chemical mine and the 6-lb. ground bomb.

The British Chieftain tank was perhaps one of the most attractive looking MBTs ever built. It's sting was its main armament - the 120mm gun. This is a reprint of the official manual issued with the tank covering the main armament, the .50 ranging gun and the 7.62mm L8A1 machine gun. It also gives full details of the gun controls, sighting and fire control equipment and night fighting arrangements. Ammunition is included. A complete picture of the Chieftain armament and well illustrated.

This is a reprint of the Service Instruction Book for the Churchill 3-inch Gun Carrier - this is not the Churchill Infantry Tank armed with a bow gun and a 2-pounder turret gun, but the rare gun carrier with a fixed fighting compartment for the 3-in gun. Originals are extremely rare. Contains a full description of the AFV including the armament.

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